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September 21, 2015 5 Comments

Hi all! Welcome to April & October, my new personal blog. I’ve decided it was time to change my blog’s name. I felt like it didn’t really fit and I love this name. So many things have changed since my last blog and I felt like it didn’t work as well.

So for those that don’t know me, I’m Nikki! I’m the one behind the blog. I am a twenty eight year old, biracial mama, that grew up in the Caribbean. I’m currently a stay at home mama to Birdie, who is my 4 year old diva and tot, who is my 10 month old old soul.

I am quite passionate about babywearing. I wore Birdie all through her infant and toddlerhood. I currently wear tot all the time. It’s my favorite obsession at the moment. I love learning all different kinds of carries and being able to execute them all.

I wear all different kinds of carriers. I love talking about them and discussing them whenever I get the chance.

 I also love to sew. I’m the person behind Birdie & Co., where I make leather moccasins like in the photo above and I make shoesies. I also knit and crochet. Being able to do this helps me get to stay at home with the kiddos. I love seeing babies wear my items!

I love all things handmade and I run a blog that helps handmade small businesses. It’s called Hello Handcrafts. I also run a Facebook group that helps with networking. If you own a small business, I recommend checking it out!

And food. You’ll see a lot of food on my blog, because I love to eat. I like to cook too. So I hope to get some good pictures of my adventures with the kids – and post some fun stories.

What do you like to read on blogs?

hi, i’m nikki!

lover of babywearing, coffee, + my wild ones. so glad you’re here! grab a cup of coffee + stay awhile. +


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