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A Day Away

September 23, 2015 8 Comments

Monday was insanely hot. There has been a heatwave going on and it jumped up almost twenty degrees warmer than it has been. The kids were quite unhappy and it was just time to go. So we headed towards the coast. I figured it would be cooler there. It was freezing. Almost 40 degrees cooler, but the kids got a nice nap on the way and everyone was in a better mood. 

We stopped at a produce stand. These are my favorite. If I could get all my produce from these stands or farmers markets, I would. We picked up artichokes, nectarines, apples, melons… We mainly come for the artichokes though. They seem to be a family favorite. 
We got to see a bit of the sunset. One of those things that you take for granted. It was gorgeous over the water. There were a lot of seagulls everywhere and they made for some fun photos. I just feel lucky to be able to see stuff like this on a somewhat regular basis. 

Dinner! I live for seafood. Phil’s Fish Market and Eatery does not disappoint. This is one of my favorite dishes and we get it as a starter every single time. If you’re ever in Moss Landing, check out Phil’s. On Mondays, they have live music and tot loved it. The lead singer of the band came over to sing to him and he thought it was the most amazing thing ever. 
Just a fun little time. One I want to remember forever. 

hi, i’m nikki!

lover of babywearing, coffee, + my wild ones. so glad you’re here! grab a cup of coffee + stay awhile. +


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