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Monterey Bay Aquarium

October 5, 2015 10 Comments

My sister’s boyfriend won tickets to Monterey Bay Aquarium on the radio and couldn’t go. So he gifted the tickets over to me and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I love the aquarium. It is one of my favorite places to go. We used to have a membership, but we didn’t renew it this year. We might have to, because the kids simply love it!


We got there early enough to check out the majority of feedings. We saw an albatross, the sea of kelp, penguins and sea otters get fed. The kelp feeding was amazing. You don’t even think of the plants as being that alive until you see them feed. 

Birdie was completely over the moon. I like to surprise her with excursions so she had no idea that we were headed there. She wanted to see “everything” first and had no idea what she wanted to do. She loved lunch because she was able to pick whatever she wanted to off of the menu. 

I love seeing the Penguins. They like to swim up to the glass and just play with you. They’re the most playful creatures at the aquarium aside from the sea otters. The sea otters were great. I couldn’t get a decent picture, because there were so many people in front of the exhibit. 

They also had puffins, which I think are just as fun as the Penguins. They were just the cutest little animals. 


Jellyfish are my favorite. They changed up the exhibit from the last time I was there. I was a little sad about that, but I still get to see them! I only like to see them in aquariums. I saw them last year at the beach and it didn’t end too well for me. 


We stayed until closing and walked around the Cannery for a bit. It was the perfect day, perfect weather. 

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