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Fun in Seattle

March 3, 2016 34 Comments

We decided to get a CityPass since we had a limited amount of time but we wanted to see so much in Seattle. A CityPass is a pass that lets you see a handful of attractions in the area for one price. We wanted to see at least 3 items on their list, so it was cheaper to get a pass.

We checked out the Argosy Harbor Cruise, which everyone basically slept through. They had us wait in line for 20 minutes, in the rain and cold. So once we got on a warm boat, nice rocking waves and a tour with a monotone voice – everyone was out! Learned a lot about the area though.

Pike’s was exactly how it is in the movies. Got to see the fish markets throw fish around. It was pretty awesome. Birdie was obsessed with all the flowers. She wanted to buy all the bouquets and take them home with her. There was just so many wonderful things to look at. The seafood was expensive! I thought it was going to be cheaper since that’s where California has been importing from – and it’s cheaper in California.

The Seatle Aquarium was nice. I love jellyfish and octopus exhibits. It was the last day of octopus week so we got to see feedings and play games. That was a lot of fun. Birdie got her face painted and got to color with some other kids. It was on the smaller side, but their tidepools were really nice. They’re run by volunteers, so you might find more information if you google, but that’s fine.

We got all of that done in one day! I was on a mission to make sure that we got as much done as humanly possible. It was a short trip, but I wanted to see everything.

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