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Seattle: EMP and the Needle

March 13, 2016 18 Comments

We had to squeeze even more in the second day to make sure that we saw all the sights. I had everyone up when the sun came up and ready to go when all the attractions first opened. I fed everyone breakfast and we decided to make the trek out. 

First stop, the Space Needle. I was slightly sick when we first started our trip and I had an issue with being able to pop my ears. I wasn’t able to, the entire trip. The ride up and down the Space Needle made it worse. I was ridiculously loud spoken, the whole time and I had people yelling at me because I couldn’t hear. So frustrating. 

The elevator took no time to get up to the observation floor. It was pretty awesome. The sight was amazing. I loved being able to see a 360 degree view of Seattle. I loved hearing the facts about the Needle and all the interactive displays they had. I was able to email myself some photos, take a selfie up too and sign their guestbook. 

After that we took a walk right over to the EMP Museum. I think we spent the most of our time here. They have a Hello Kitty exhibit currently and there was just so much to see. Birdie had a blast looking at all of the Hello Kitty stuff. It was interesting to read all of her history. There was sci-fi stuff, a fantasy room, Nirvana display, Jimi Hendrix – the list goes on. We probably could’ve hung out the entire day there. 

We decided to hop on the monorail to see where it let us off. We walked over to Pike’s for dinner. We had a nice meal at Cutters Crabhouse. Nice view of the water. Fish wasn’t that great, kind of mealy. Birdie had a nap at the table. 

We took the monorail back and went back up the Space Needle. We wanted to check out the view with the city lights. It was simply gorgeous. 

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