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Review: Tekhni Olympus Sapphire

March 23, 2016 No Comments

Tekhni Olympus Sapphire, size 4

  • 55% cotton, 45% repreve
  • $$
  • machine woven
  • Support: AMAZING
  • Best for: Enough cush for a newborn, enough support for a toddler.
  • Carries: RUCK WORTHY

Did it dig? Not at all. Could hold Tot up in a ruck for hours and he’s no small thing. Right now he’s weighing in at 28 lb!

The moldability on this wrap was pretty in the middle. It was no ace bandage but it decently molded to your body. Not too bad. I think this had to do with the slight stretch that you get. Olympus is a pretty solid wrap, no sagging at all. It stretches a tiny bit with use, but I think of it more as bouncy than anything else. It springs back into shape, no problem.

(This wrap went through baseball games, hockey games and even a whole day at Disneyland!)

This was my workhorse wrap! It is the easiest wrap to wash, just throw it into the machine! Repreve doesn’t pick up color so I never really had to worry about the blue part of the wrap getting dirty. Oly doesn’t need any special maintenance at all. Repreve is amazing! The repreve in this wrap also made it quite breathable. It wasn’t too hot to wear over the summer at all.

(Check out those pleats!)

Grippy wrap! The pattern of Olympus made it so that you didn’t have to worry about the wrap becoming too slippery (biggest pet peeve, especially with a heavy toddler!). You don’t have to work too hard to get the passes going, but you don’t have to worry about crazy amounts of snag. Easy to tie a knot? Yes! Slip knots were nice and easy to tie and adjust. Not too sticky at all.

The best part of this wrap was the texture. The pattern of the wrap made it so that it was nicely textures. It didn’t feel like it was 3D or anything, but you could definitely feel the pattern in your hand. The drape on this wrap wasn’t too bad. It held its shape, but when broken in, it flopped nicely. It didn’t overly flop and lose shape.

Overall? I love this wrap. It wa nice and cushy when Tot was younger and it was extremely supportive when he got bigger and heavier. I had this wrap in a size 4, so base – 2 and it rocked as a shorty. It was my workhorse wrap. It rocked in a ruck. I would totally recommend this wrap to wrappers with bigger babies.

Tekhni: Facebook page / website /etsy shop

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