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April 4, 2016 13 Comments

I love networking! My latest thing is joining Facebook groups so I can network with other bloggers. I like to find other bloggers in my niche. I also love getting some activity on my blog. It helps get my blog going and I love being able to speak to other likeminded people. I’ve also made some friends that way.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 7.13.12 PM is a website that I help run with Christina of Cali Darling. It’s a network to help female bloggers become more comfortable and great in the game. We also run a Facebook group that helps with getting activity to your blog and other social networks. We are always looking for more people, so come check us out! There are also forums that we are trying to get running. It’s a fun little community and I’ve made some friends that way.

A couple of other groups that I participate in are: Show Your Blog Love and Grow Your Blog

Show Your Blog Love is a great group! The people in that group are extremely helpful and I love participating in their weekly Twitter chats. It helps me to know the people better and I love working on the different activities that they have to help get my blog better.

Grow Your Blog is a fun group! They always have so much going on. It’s fun to participate in there.

What communities do you participate in?

hi, i’m nikki!

lover of babywearing, coffee, + my wild ones. so glad you’re here! grab a cup of coffee + stay awhile. +


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