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Review: Pavo Textiles Ring System Temoaya

April 18, 2016 5 Comments

Pavo Textiles Ring System Temoaya

  • 100% cotton – 280 g/m2 aka gsm
  • $$$
  • Machine Woven
  • Support: EXTREMELY
  • Best for: Any age
  • Carries: Most carries

Thanks to a dear friend, I was able to host a traveling Temoaya. I’ve always wanted to try a Pavo wrap… What better to do it with than an amazing black warp Ring System wrap? I was not disappointed. At all. The wrap lived up to the hype. That’s for sure.
This wrap has an average width with shallow tapers. It also confused me at first. It seemed to be thin. Which worried me, since Tot is a bit on the heavy side. I figured it would be fine, the wrap was in my base, so I could totally do some multi-pass carries and call it a day. Nope nope nope. This wrap was SO supportive. There was NO digging at all. I wouldn’t call it a super cushy wrap or anything, but there was no digging. My shoulders were fine while using this wrap. I had Tot up in a double hammock, for hours, and I had no problems with my shoulders at all.

Temoaya has a slight bit of a bounce, which I enjoyed. I felt like it helped the wrap’s passes mold perfectly around us, which ended up giving us great support. It stretched right over us, without being too saggy. It maintained its shape the entire time. From what I can understand, all Ring System wraps are solid like this. You don’t have to readjust at all, no need to tighten. Once it’s there, it’s there. There’s no moving. Loved how it molded around us, it felt like a hug. It was nice.
This is a workhorse wrap. It’s 100% cotton – easy to care for. With the way the weave is, it is a little prone to pulls. But nothing too serious. It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance at all. This wrap is also nice and thin, so it was airy. I would use this wrap during warm weather.

I also loved the texture of this wrap. The weave makes it so that it’s a solid wrap. The passes glide nicely, yet lock into place with the texture. It is bumpy and textured. You can definitely feel the weave of the wrap. This wrap definitely retains its shape!

This was a great intro to Pavo wrap. It made me want to try so many more of the wraps by this brand. I loved the colors. The dark jewel tones are some of my favorite colors, so I found myself gravitating towards this wrap often. I’m lucky enough to have made friends through babywearing so I’m able to try out different wraps when I get a chance. I would definitely recommend this wrap from newborn to toddler, it’s a great wrap for warm climates. Shorties or base — this wrap is awesome!

Check out Pavo’s website and Facebook page.

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