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Review: Kokoro Koneko Sage

September 4, 2016 4 Comments

Kokoro Koneko Sage

  • 50% organic cotton, 50% sea island cotton – 300 g/m2 aka gsm
  • $$$
  • Machine Woven
  • Support: Average
  • Best for: Smaller babies
  • Carries: Single pass carries for smaller babies, multi pass carries for larger babies

Sage was my second Kokoro wrap that I own. It was the first wrap that I’ve owned that had sea island cotton, and oh, what a difference it makes! I fell in love with Kokoro Textiles when I saw some of their tri-blend wraps, and I just fell down the rabbit hole.

This wrap is about average width with tapers. It’s just one of the softest wraps I’ve ever touched. It’s cushy, without being overwhelming. It’s so moldable. It’s perfect for basically any carry. I recommend multi pass carries for larger babies. When I first got it, I could put Tot in single pass carries, and now that he’s hit the 30 lb. mark, multi pass carries are the way to go.

This wrap is so bouncy. It’s a wonderful wrap to be able to wrap with. It makes a perfect chest pass, because of the moldability.It hugs every curve that you have and just totally molds to you and baby. It’s cushy and doesn’t dig at all. The wrap is a bit stretchy, but not in a bad way. It makes it easier to do some carries because it springs back into place every single time. It’s a pretty relaxed wrap, it slowly stretches out a bit when in use. You might have to readjust a tiny bit, here and there, but nothing too bad.

I wouldn’t consider this wrap a workhorse wrap, but it’s easy care, since it’s 100% cotton. It isn’t pull prone, but it is white on one side, so it can get dirty. I’ve never had an issue with stains. It’s a pretty airy wrap, never uncomfortable. It’s not too grippy of a wrap, the passes glide into place and it’s quite easy to tie a knot. It’s a soft and snuggly wrap, and the kids constantly refer to it as a blanket. It’s such a floppy wrap, we definitely enjoy it here!

I definitely enjoy this wrap. I even got to try it in different colors, because I love it that much. It’s so soft and comfortable. It also looks great in photos, so I took some babywearing photos in it. I definitely recommend this wrap to moms with a new baby. It’s a great wrap in a shorty or a base, I’ve even used it in a ring sling.

Kokoro Textiles: website / Facebook

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