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Why I Babywear

September 11, 2016 18 Comments

I love to babywear. It’s all over my blog, my Instagram account, and my Facebook account. I talk about it constantly to everyone that I can. I post photos of all the carriers that come my way. I go to meetings and just enjoy it all. 

I started babywearing 5 years ago when Birdie was born. I came across a photo of my grandmother wearing my mother and another one of my mother wearing me in a traditional mei tai. I asked my grandmother how to make one and she explained the dimensions to me. My mother in law, who was a seamstress, helped me see one together. That mei tai is still around here somewhere. Birdie was worn everywhere. She still asks to be worn sometimes today. 

Tot has been worn since birth. I went into a local baby boutique and learned about the different types of carriers. A local babywearing meeting was recommended to me and I just fell in love. 

Babywearing has helped me so much. Here are a few of the reasons why I babywear. 

It’s so convenient. It really is so convenient to wear your baby. My car has a tiny trunk, every stroller I’ve ever had takes up the whole thing. I can’t pack anything else into it. Shopping becomes a pain because I can’t put my purchases anywhere. I’m just able to throw my baby onto my back and I’m ready to go. I’m also able to do more things with Birdie, because I don’t have to worry about pushing around a stroller. I can play with her at the park and just be more hands on. 

Bonding is important. I’m able to bond more with my baby. I’m able to react quicker to whatever Tot needs. He gets more interaction from me, since he’s basically right in my face or at eye level. I talk to him about what I’m doing, or sometimes I’m just singing. He also gets a lot of skin to skin time. 

Breastfeeding is easier. I can breastfeed in the go! I just put Tot in a front carry, pop my breast into his mouth and just keep going. The majority of the time you can’t even tell what I’m doing in there. 

Nap time happens. I would try to put Tot down for a nap and he just wasn’t having it at all. Put him up, walk around and he’s out. Birdie would have to stay up on my back for the entire nap. Trying to take her down and have her stay asleep was rare. Tot transfers very well. He almost always stays asleep. 

It keeps me fit. Okay, it kinda does? I walk, play, run around with Tot on my back. That’s an extra 32 pounds. That has to help my workout somehow. 

It helps prevent overstimulation. When there is too much happening, Tot just puts his head down and ignores the world. He just slides right in and all is right. It also keeps people from touching him or trying to pick him up constantly. 

Baby snuggles! Who doesn’t love baby snuggles? I live for those snuggles that I get every time I babywear. It makes me happy and just overall, it makes my day. 

What’s your favorite thing about babywearing?

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