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Review: Fiolia Handwovens The Wild Side

September 13, 2016 7 Comments

Fiolia Handwovens The Wild Side

  • 35% aloe Vera lyocelle, 15% mercerized Egyptian cotton, 50% pupa silk – 400+ GSM
  • $$$$
  • Handwoven
  • Support: Average
  • Best for: Smaller babies
  • Carries: Single pass carries for smaller babies, multi pass carries for larger babies

I was sent The Wild Side to test and I have to say it is one of my favorite nattys (natural) that I’ve ever been able to use. Fiolia Handwovens is one of the handwoven companies that I’ve been following for a long time. I’m a huge fan of the fibers that are used. I reviewed one of their ring slings earlier this year.

This wrap was about average width, with no tapers (which is common with a lot of handwoven wraps). It has an amazing crackle weave that looks and feels great. Right out of the packaging, I thought this was one of the softest wraps that I’ve ever touched. EVER. Tot picked it up and threw it around his shoulders. He wanted to keep this one.

This wrap is thin, so I definitely recommend it for smaller babies. It’s surprisingly supportive for a thin wrap, so I can see being able to do a single pass carry for heavier babies, if you aren’t going to wear them long. If you’re wearing them longer, I recommend a multi pass carry, for sure. I also feel that this wrap isn’t too solid, it relaxes a bit with wear.

The moldability of this wrap is awesome. It totally conforms to you and baby. It feels like a nice, marshmallowy hug. It is a delicate wrap, with open weave. It is prone to pulls, due to it. It’s an extremely airy wrap; I wore it on some hot days, and I didn’t feel too overwhelmed at all. It wasn’t too warm. The passes glide, but the weave makes it so that it grips nicely. It isn’t too sticky at all. It’s not too hard to tie a knot, but with the blunt ends, it does take a bit.

It is such a floppy wrap, it’s not too stiff at all. It’s seriously one of the softest wraps that I’ve gotten to use. I loved hosting it while it was here. I was a bit sad to send off this visitor to its next host. I almost want to see if I can borrow it again for my wedding!

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