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e-cloth Kitchen Pack Review + Giveaway

October 2, 2016 13 Comments

I got the opportunity to check out e-cloth’s Kitchen Pack and I can actually say that I had fun cleaning. I hate to clean. Not the act of cleaning, but all the chemicals and smells. I hate it. I try to find things that smell better, but then they don’t clean as well. I clean with bleach, everything is perfect, but then the smell sticks and I have a headache for days. I don’t win.

So I got to test their kitchen pack and it’s my new favorite. You don’t have to use soap, just add water and clean! You save time, no extra steps. You save money; you barely buy any cleaning chemicals and paper towels. I always get a sparkling finish. Once you’re done, throw the towels into the washer with your regular wash. The towels are guaranteed for 300 washes. Their kitchen pack consists of:

one (1) Kitchen Cloth – 12.5″x12.5″  and one (1) Glass & Polishing Cloth – 20″x16″

The green cloth, Kitchen Cloth, can clean through grease and grime. It cuts through it all. It has a little scrubbing pocket that can remove anything that’s stuck. The blue cloth is the Glass & Polishing Cloth; it cleans off light grease and finger marks on shiny surfaces. I recommend using the blue cloth after the green cloth.

I’m a fan of e-cloth. I also own the Bathroom Cloths and it keeps our bathrooms sparkly clean. I just love the fact that they’re all clean without all of those nasty chemicals.

Thanks to e-cloth, I am giving away their Kitchen Pack, which is what you see in the photos above.


I received these items from e-cloth, but all opinions are my own.

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