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Review: Emmeline Textiles Eleanor Pearl

October 25, 2016 No Comments

Emmeline Textiles Eleanor Pearl

  • 100% cotton – 315 gsm
  • $$
  • Machine woven
  • Support: Above average
  • Best for: All babies
  • Carries: Great with all!

Thanks to a great friend, I was able to test Emmeline Textiles Eleanor Pearl. Emmeline Textiles is run by two sisters. They use small business mills and dye houses. Everything else is done in home, by them. Eleanor Pearl was the first in their Ribbon Collection.

I am a huge fan of undyed wraps. I’ve been in the natty (natural) phase for a while. When I first saw EP in a photo, I thought it would be cushy (marshmallow status), but it wasn’t. Don’t let that stop you! It is a solid wrap, with no digging at all. I was able to put Tot up on my back for hours with this wrap. There is limited give with this wrap, barely any stretch – which gives you the support you need to hold your child. It is extremely solid.

Just because there isn’t a lot of stretch, doesn’t make it a cumbersome wrap – it just makes it extremely supportive. I would consider this a workhorse wrap that could deal with everything. It’s soft enough to be amazing with a newborn, but solid enough to deal with a heavier toddler. It’s low maintenance and easy to care for. It is tightly woven, so I wouldn’t consider it too airy, but it isn’t a hot wrap. It’s right in between.

I love the texture of this wrap. The pattern consists of horizontal lines, in various positions. The lines help with the passes gliding. It also helps with the grip needed for passes to stay put. I love the bumpiness of the lines. It is a thicker wrap, so the drape tends to retain its shape.

EP is such a great wrap! I love the natty color that it is, thought about trying to get one for my wedding wrap! I had a size 4, so I was able to get Tot into a ruck – which stayed put the entire time. I also did a couple of shepherd’s carries and had him in a FWCC TUB (front wrap cross carry, tied under butt) when it was nap time. It was nicely supportive and it reminded me of a favorite flannel blanket.

Emmeline Textiles: website / Facebook

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