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Review: Soul Slings Flyaway

November 1, 2016 3 Comments

Soul Slings Flyaway

  • 100% cotton – 280 gsm
  • $
  • Machine woven
  • Support: Above average
  • Best for: All babies
  • Carries: Great with all!

Soul Slings is a great company, based out of India, that has extremely affordable baby carriers. They have woven wraps, SSCs (soft structured carriers), the Soul Tai (which is their version of the mei tai), and ring slings. They’re woven in a mill in Southern India, that only uses wind and solar energy. All carriers are made in house in Bangalore, India. They first popped up on my radar, almost a year ago. I was contacted by Soul to host their latest jacquard wrap. Flyaway and I said yes. Prior to this, I hadn’t tried one of their jacquard wraps yet.

Flyaway is 100% cotton, which means it’s supportive. There’s a bit of cush in the shoulder passes that I did. I also had no issues with digging at all. There’s a tiny bit of bounce, which helps get the passes exactly where I need them. I had Tot up in a double hammock, multiple times, and I had no issues keeping him up there for hours at a time. Flyaway is a pretty solid wrap. It was a little tough, at first, but I can see that it still needs to be broken in some.

I love the texture of the wrap. The pattern on the wrap pops out and really helps keep it grippy. I had no issues with my passes sliding down. I did need to tighten each rail appropriately, to make sure that I lost some of the extra fabric that I had. It was a bit cumbersome, but I feel with more use, it’ll be easier to get the passes where I need them.

This is a workhorse wrap. I wouldn’t consider this a delicate wrap. It is easy to use and easy to wash. It’s not one to pick up dirt or stains easily. The wrap was a bit warm, which I liked since the weather was turning. But just airy enough, that I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Right now, I would say that the wrap holds its shape well, but working with it will help loosen it up.

I really enjoyed having this wrap here. I really loved this shade of yellow. It was a great addition to my line up. It’s soft, cuddly, and just fun to use.

Soul Slings: website / Facebook

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