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Review: Ethos Tamara Angel Cakes

December 20, 2016 4 Comments

Ethos Babywearing Tamara Angel Cakes

  • 77% cotton, 23% pashmina
  • $$$
  • Handwoven
  • Support: Above average
  • Best for: bigger babies
  • Carries: shines in single pass carries

Ethos Babywearing is based in Northern Utah and makes some amazing wraps. The owner, Whitney Olsen, gives back to the community with a percentage of each wrap sold. A friend of mine needed help breaking in her Angel Cakes and I jumped at the chance. This handwoven visitor was a delight to have. It was handwoven on looms in Nepal. The yarn is hand-spun and hand-printed, which makes it that much more delightful.

Angel Cakes is solid. Because it isn’t broken in, I can say that it is a solid wrap so far. It was a little crunchy. But it is going to be magnificent when it’s fully broken in. I was able to try a Shepherd’s Carry and a reinforced ruck. It shined in both carries. It’s extremely supportive, it didn’t feel like Tot weighed anything at all – which at almost 40 pounds is awesome. Right now, it’s a been cumbersome, since it isn’t broken in. I had to work a bit to get passes around. I kept rolling it in rings and just using it to help break it in.

It’s grippy and textured. Tot would run his fingers over it to fall asleep when he was in it. It was nice and warm in the colder weather. I would love to have it visit me again once it’s fully broken in. Right now, it was a bit stiff, so I can just imagine what it will be once it’s fully broken in. It seems like it would be such a great wrap once it softens up a bit.

Ethos Babywearing: website / Facebook

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