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Review: Apatura Wovens HoP #2

February 10, 2017 6 Comments

Apatura Wovens HoP #2

  • mercerized cotton
  • $$$
  • handwoven
  • Support: maximum
  • Best for: bigger babies
  • Carries: single pass carries

I got to host the HoP #2 traveler from Apatura Wovens and I was too excited! I loved the pattern right away from the photos that I was able to see in the chatter group and I wanted to be able to touch the double weave firsthand. HoP is mercerized cotton and 3.2 meters. HoP ended up being a whole lot of fun to play with.

Tot was amazed by this wrap. He loved the texture of the double weave. He kept trying to figure it out. He was constantly rubbing it between his fingers and pointing out the colors. Due to the double weave, this wrap is dense. It’s thick, without being overwhelmingly so. It’s extremely soft and perfect for a blanket. The shoulders were cushy, I didn’t have an issue with digging at all.

HoP is a grippy wrap that retains shape. The mercerized cotton and double weave made this wrap very supportive. It was a dream as a ruck wrap. I’m a fan of single pass carries with HoP. It’s also on the wide side, so it’s great for toddlers. The blunt edges made it harder to tie a knot, but with how broken in, it almost didn’t matter.  The thickness of the wrap makes it a tiny bit cumbersome, but as it starts to break in more and more, it gets shape and is able to mold to your body. There’s limited give – overall a pretty solid wrap.

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