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Review: Babylonia BB-Slen Passionfruit

February 27, 2017 No Comments


Babylonia BB-Slen Passionfruit

  • 100% cotton
  • $
  • machine woven
  • Best for: smaller babies
  • Carries: multi-pass carries

I’ve been excited to check out Babylonia’s BB-Slen Passionfruit, since I previously owned their version of the meh dai (BB-Tai). I received a package from their US retailer, Nova Natural Toys & Crafts, and it was full of goodies for my little ones. Both kiddos received baby carriers (a doll meh dai and doll ring sling) with some babies to fill them. Such a sweet surprise.

Passionfruit is a striped wrap, with perfect fall colors. I’m a fan of these colors year round. I love the stripes – they really help with teaching and learning different carries. The stripes help you differentiate which rail is up and which is down. I hope this wrap helps one of the many teaching libraries in the area.

This wrap is a thinner wrap. It’s soft enough for a newborn and can definitely be used for bigger/heavier babies in multi-pass carries. It’s 100% cotton – so it’s nice and breathable. It would make a wonderful wrap on hot days. It’s easy care, which I know is very important to some parents. You can just throw it into the washer when it’s dirty. No special instructions.

I love using Passionfruit for multi-pass carries. With a smaller baby, I can see using it with a single pass carry or a one shoulder pass. A heavier baby might need the multi-pass carries if you’re carrying for a long period of time. I haven’t had any issues with shoulder digging, but I could see that it might be possible with carrying for a while.

This wrap is also pretty solid. I didn’t notice any stretch being a factor. There is limited give and I didn’t have to readjust or fix any passes. I would consider this a workhorse wrap. I could use it for anything and have no issue throwing it in the wash if necessary. Like I previously stated, it’s an airy wrap. It doesn’t retain much heat at all.

This wrap isn’t too slippery, nor is it sticky. Knots hold tight. Slip knots work really well. This wrap is soft and snuggly – almost reminds me of my favorite flannel shirt. It’s floppy from the first time you wash it. It’s a great starter wrap, a great teaching wrap, a great wrap all together.

Babylonia: Facebook / website

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