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Review: Almitra Tattva Pink Imperia

March 24, 2017 1 Comment

Almitra Tattva India Pink Imperia

  • 100% cotton – 212 gsm
  • $
  • Machine woven
  • Best for: all babies
  • Carries: all carries

I was so excited to check it this wrap! I’ve never heard of Almitra Tattva before. I saw another babywearer using it and I wanted to find out as much as I could about it. I thought the design was simply gorgeous and I loved the colors. I knew I had to host it so I could try it out.

My first thought? I was slightly overwhelmed by the pattern when I saw it in person. The kids were so excited to see all the different animals and kept calling them out. They loved the intricate pattern, which was extremely different from the other wraps that I’ve used. Second thought? So so soft.

Pink Imperia is double woven. There are two sets of warp and weft yarns. That’s what makes it so supportive for such a thin wrap. Tot is on the heavier side (35+ lb) so I was afraid to put him up in a single pass carry. I got the chance to put him up in a ruck, and it was smooth sailing. It’s an extremely supportive wrap, with no digging in the shoulders! It was nice to have on at all times, for varying amount of time.

I wouldn’t say Imperia was marshmallow-y, but it was cushy in its own way. Maybe because of the double weave? It felt nice on the shoulders, without giving my back a hard time. There is limited give, not really stretchy or bouncy.

Pink Imperia is a pretty solid wrap. I didn’t really notice any kind of stretch. It made it supportive for my almost 40 lb. toddler. We had no issues with him up, and we didn’t have to readjust at all. I wouldn’t consider this wrap to be cumbersome, but there’s no stretch so I wouldn’t consider it ace bandage-y either. It was just right in between.

This wrap is 100% cotton – so there are no special care directions to follow. I wouldn’t call Imperia a workhorse wrap, I would want to be careful of pulling a thread due to the intricate design on the wrap.

I had no issues with the gliding of passes. The pattern’s sight texture helped keep each pass where I needed it. The wrap was super soft and snuggly when it was here. Almost like a near and dear blanket. The 100% cotton makes this an airy wrap – had no heat retention issues at all. Pink Imperia became super floppy with a bit more work, but I can see it becoming even softer.

I love macro shots. These are my favorite. As you can see the pink threads are even brighter close up. With the weaving process, the colors end up not so bright – making more of a purple color.

Almitra Tattva: website / Facebook

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