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Review: Bijou Wear Decadence Rouge

June 13, 2017 3 Comments

Bijou Wear Decadence Rouge

  • 100% cotton
  • $$
  • Machine woven
  • Support: Above average
  • Best for: ALL babies
  • Carries: ALL carries

I was lucky enough to host Bijou’s Decadence Rouge for a bit and it was marvelous! It was a TRUE RED wrap. I have the hardest time finding the perfect red. Sometimes it’s more pink, sometimes it’s more orange. But Decadence Rouge was RED. It’s been dubbed the Harley Quinn wrap and you can definitely see why. As a bit of a comic book fan, I wish I could keep it for any future Comic Cons.

Decadence Rouge is a black double weft wrap. This double weave is glorious! It makes it feel like a nice marshmallow on your shoulders. It’s got that memory foam cush that I love for my heavy toddler. There is limited give, not much stretch — it is a bit on the dense side. Notably thicker, but that’s the double weave I was talking about. It is a solid wrap – I didn’t have to readjust Tot when he was up for a good amount of time. Rouge is a bit on the warm side because of this, as well.

I love wraps that are base -2, so I was excited to try out some of my “shorty” carries. One of my carries that I love to do is the torso wrap. That helps me figure out whether or not I need to constantly tighten or readjust. I didn’t have to at all, during our 45 minute weekly grocery shopping trip. The wrap is a little bit on the bulky side, but I can see it softening up with more use.

This wrap isn’t quite a workhorse wrap, pulls can happen with the weave. The dark colors do make me want to wear it everywhere though. I also don’t have to worry about it picking up dirt. Rouge is cotton, so I wouldn’t have any issues throwing her into the washer (but don’t forget to contact the company for specific washing directions!).

Rouge is grippy! The microtexture on this is spot on! The passes take a little bit of work to get into place, but a little shimmying here and there never hurt anyone. The texture is there, so the passes lock in once the carry is complete. My little loved running his hands back and forth on it. Rouge is currently retaining its shape, but I can see it getting floppier with more love.

I’m sad it’s gone, but I loved it when it was here. Rouge was available for preorder, which I wish I got in on.

Bijou: website / Facebook

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