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Magformers: Magnetic Building Toy That Kids Love

June 19, 2017 6 Comments

We had the pleasure to receive this fun magnetic building toy set from the wonderful people over at Magformers.

Have you ever heard of them? Magnetic building toy sets have been all the rage lately. I’ve seen them popping up. They’re easier to use than regular building blocks, because the magnets keep them together. Causes less frustration in little minds. And because they connect, the ideas are limitless! I’ve heard nothing but good things about them, from other parents and teachers. When I heard that we were going to get a set to test out, I was ecstatic!

They are amazing as I heard. They’re fun and easy to use. They’re durable and educational!

The kids LOVE them. We received the 42 piece Shimmer and Shine set (this one). We are all about Shimmer and Shine right now. The kids love the characters from the show and my daughter was so excited to have pieces in her favorite colors. This specific set came with 8 cards and 2 play mats so the options have been pretty endless in their eyes.

The kids were jumping up and down, trying to get their hands on the box. They both wanted to open the box themselves, without help. The strength of the magnets are impressive. They’re extremely strong. I also love the clicking the magnets make when they connect – you can tell that the kids get that it’ll stick, once they hear the click.

They are the perfect size for little hands. I can see that their thinking cap automatically came on – and it just gets them thinking scientifically and mathematically. They were also SHARING, without complaint, and HELPING each other build. That is so big over here.

We’ve played with other magnetic blocks before, at discovery museums and at play dates, and I can see why Magformers come at the price that they do. They use neodymium magnets, which pretty much guaranteed connectivity. The magnets rotate! So they can connect from either side, because the magnet goes where you need it to go, instead of flipping pieces around to make them connect. They are also compatible with all of their other sets, so you can get more and keep building.

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