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Review: Risaroo Wovens Mint Lemonade

June 23, 2017 7 Comments

Risaroo Wovens Mint Lemonade

  • 45% tencel, 55% cotton
  • $$
  • Machine woven
  • Support: Average
  • Best for: All babies
  • Carries: Single pass carries for smaller babies, multi pass carries for larger babies

Hi! Me again, with another amazing Risaroo Wovens woven wrap. This is their new print Lemonade, in a brand new color way – Mint. Mint Lemonade, which is also a perfect refreshing drink for this hot weather that we’ve been having. Yellow and green. It’s cushy and soft. Slight stretch. It’s breathable, airy. All the perfect qualities for a wrap.

I threw Tot up in a double hammock for about an hour and a half. We go walking around our neighborhood. Double hammock is our go to, with a base size wrap. He loves it and my daughter likes grabbing the tails to help. Tot is pretty weightless in this wrap. I had no issues with digging in the shoulders. It felt pretty cushy and held solid the entire walk.

Mint has a slight stretch. Each pass glides over and stretches a tad bit for the perfect tight carry. I had no issues with it relaxing during our usage. I didn’t have to readjust or fix any passes. Due to the stretch, I would consider this wrap ace bandage-y. I felt like it hugged us right out of the package. It hugged the curves, no issue – as you can tell from the seat in the picture above. There was no breaking in or anything, and it already felt that way. I can’t even imagine how much softer this wrap will get with time.

This wrap is Tencel and cotton – so it’s pretty easy to wash. I know Tencel can get a bit fuzzy with multiple washes, but I haven’t had that issue with RW. There are some pretty easy hacks out there to fix it, if it happens. Also, air drying afterwards really keeps that from happening. The Tencel does make this wrap so soft and airy though. It’s nice and smooth, with a bit of texture from the ecru pattern popping out.

It is also so FLOPPY. When I do the drop test, it just flops straight down. It’s not stiff at all. I love breaking in wraps, but when one comes all perfect and soft and ready to go – it’s exciting to me. It will only get better with time. Because of the pattern, I would be cautious of pulls. But with any woven wraps, it’s always possible, so be careful.

Risaroo Wovens: website / Facebook

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