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Review: Emmeline Textiles Natty Dots

July 5, 2017 6 Comments

Emmeline Textiles Natty Dots

  • 100% cotton
  • $$
  • Machine woven
  • Support: Average
  • Best for: All babies
  • Carries: All carries

If I could keep a wrap forever, I think Emmeline Textiles’ Natty Dots is on the top of that list. This wrap has been visiting for a little while and I’m not ready for it to move on. This wrap is epitomizes cushy marshmallow. It’s soft and fluffy. Some diagonal stretch, but not too much. Passes that glide, but the dots give just enough texture than the passes stay put.

As always, Tot went up in a double hammock. It’s my favorite carry. I’ve been working on getting that middle marker actually in the middle. We wore it around the store, around the block — just basically around everywhere. Natty Dots is CUSHY. Cush galore. No digging in my shoulders at ALL. We also tried in a ruck, a reinforced ruck, Shephards, and I attempted Giselle’s with a waistbelt. Still cushy. I can’t get over the softness. There is some stretch in Dots — it’s bouncy, but it does retain its shape pretty well. There’s a bit of relaxing – it stretches out a bit while in use, but not to the point of readjusting or having to tighten constantly while wearing.

Natty Dots is ace bandage like. It totally conforms to whatever carry you chose to do. It molds around you and your wearee perfectly. I pretty much felt like I was wrapping us in an ace bandage. A nice, soft, cushy ace bandage.

Natty Dots is 100% cotton. Easy care – but like always, I recommend checking out the company’s washing directions before washing. With how often we wore it, it never got dirty… There were no spots on the tails or anything at all. We take care of our travelers when we host – but I always get worried when a natty (natural colored/no dyes) wrap comes through here. I wouldn’t consider Dots to be delicate and it’s not pull prone at all. The weaves makes it so it’s almost impossible. Dots is also thin, so pretty breathable.

Dots’ passes glide nicely, but I wouldn’t consider it too slippery. They move easily while wrapping. Depending on the carry, I could see having to readjust, but we never had the problem here. The dots create a bit of texture – not too grippy at all. But it helped my passes stay put. The texture of Dots is soft and pretty smooth except for the tiny dots that create the pattern. There’s 3D little dots all throughout the wrap. They’re also pretty small and sometimes hard to catch up on photos. Dots is also pretty floppy. Thin enough to flop around my hand, it creates a nice flow to the wrap.

So I loved this wrap. I’m pretty sad that it needs to move on. It was a soft blanket during nap time and a soft wrap when it was time to go up. I’m falling hard for natty wraps now and I wouldn’t mind having this one in our wrap collection. This one was a tester that I wouldn’t mind seeing show up on the website. This one is a winner EmTex!

Emmeline Textiles: website / Facebook

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