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Babywearing Challenge: Short and Fancy

July 23, 2017 No Comments

I’m in a Facebook group called Babywearing Challenges. Some of the admins of the group decide on a theme of carries and then, they come up with a month, or so long, challenge. I’ve attempted a few in the past, but after a week or so, I get distracted. So far, I’m doing well! We just finished day 5. They don’t have any challenges on the weekend, so you have the chance to play catch up.


Day 1: Simple Chestbelts

I did a candy cane chestbelt (CCCB), Buleria, and a Kai belt, for this one. I used Bijou Wear’s Stella Wonderland for these chestbelts. I use CCCB for the majority of my finishes, but the Kai belt is a very close second. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the Buleria chestbelt yet.

Day 2: Half knot or lexi twist

I did a simple ruck and I finished with a half knot and then a lexi twist. I wasn’t a fan of either for the most part. I felt like both were strangling me the majority of the time. I’m using Emmeline Textile’s Partita no. 6 here.

Day 3: S2S

I attempted a double sling, shoulder to shoulder finish. Super comfortable. I can see myself using this carry on a more regular basis. I’m using Emmeline Textile’s Partita River here.

Day 4: No sew ring sling finish

I’m not good at ring slings. I don’t know why. I love messing and trying different carries, but I can’t figure out how to thread the ring sling. I’ve watched multiple videos and I’m still struggling. I really like using sling rings in carries, so I need to work on this some more. I’m using Apple Blossom Woven’s Midnight Sky here (review).

Day 5: Twist & tuck

Torso carries are one of my favorites! I tried it for the first time this year and fell in love. I did the twist & tuck finish as you can see — which I can definitely see myself doing again in the near future. Also using Apple Blossom Woven’s Midnight Sky here.

Love trying new things and revisiting old. It’s fun to play around and see everyone else who participates. I love seeing all the different wraps and takes on these finishes. Hopefully I’ll keep up with the challenge and be able to post next week about what I learned.

hi, i’m nikki!

lover of babywearing, coffee, + my wild ones. so glad you’re here! grab a cup of coffee + stay awhile. +


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