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Review: Rowan Bay Chrysler Marina

August 16, 2017 6 Comments


Rowan Bay Chrysler Marina

  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • $$
  • Machine woven
  • Support: Average
  • Best for: All babies
  • Carries: Single pass carries for smaller babies, multi pass carries for larger babies


The company, Rowan Bay decided to do a worldwide traveler and I was lucky enough to participate. I was first on the list! It will be going around the U.S. before going to other countries. I’m excited to see where else it goes and all the other journeys it goes on.

Chrysler Marina showed up with a zippered tote bag and a notebook so we could write about our adventures. I’m a huge fan of the zippered tote bag, I love bags with zippers. It was big enough so I could carry a few wraps in it to babywearing meetings. I also love the idea of a journal to go with a wrap, because as a community, our wraps go all over – we let friends try them out, host them, they change owners. I would love to be able to follow the history of a wrap.



We got Chrysler Marina in loom state, so we had to wash and let air dry for about a day. In loom state, Marina was SO soft. I thought it had already been washed and ready to go – but there were instructions stating to wash it. It was even softer after that first initial wash — I didn’t even think it could be that way. It was so cushy on my shoulders. No digging at all. I would consider Marina a bit of a bouncy wrap. It stretches a tiny bit while wrapping – diagonally. It stretches a bit with use. You don’t have to readjust often, but I had to readjust once or twice when Tot was up for a good length of time. The slight stretchiness of the wrap made it wrap like an ace bandage. I had a really good chest pass with it. It hugs the curves of the wrappee (Tot) and just molds to both of us.



I wouldn’t consider this wrap delicate, maybe more of a work horse wrap. I can see myself using it constantly. It’s not pull prone at all, due to the weave. The darker colors make it harder to pick up dirt or any stains. The 100% cotton makes it easy to wash, but like always, I recommend contacting the company to see what their washing directions are. The 100% cotton makes this wrap warm, but not too hot. It’s getting cooler here as summer goes down, so it was perfect for the weather.



Marina has some texture, due to the weave, but the Egyptian cotton made the passes glide. It makes the passes move easily while wrapping. It was extremely easy to tie a knot. There is a slight texture, but the Egyptian cotton made the wrap almost shiny. It’s pretty smooth. Because of the softness of Marina, I would say that this wrap is cuddly. It was pretty floppy from the get go.



We loved hosting this wrap while it was here. We loved the pattern and the colors. It was the perfect introduction to Rowan Bay. Marina has moved onto its next host and I can’t wait to hear what other adventures it goes on. We will miss it.



Rowan Bay: website / Facebook

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