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Review: Bijou Wear Windmills Wildflower

September 11, 2017 No Comments

Bijou Wear Windmills Wildflower

  • 45% merino wool / 55% cotton
  • $$
  • Machine woven
  • Support: Better than average
  • Best for: All babies
  • Carries: All

I had the chance to check out Bijou Windmills Wildflower, a magnificent woolie that is being released tomorrow! The Bijou Buzz (FB group/community) has been asking for a true purple – ask and you shall receive! Windmills is one of Bijou’s signature patterns and a lovely one at that. We received Wildflower during one of our hottest heat waves of the summer, so I was excited to see what wool had in store for us!

There seems to be a misnomer that wool is only for the winter – that it’s hot and itchy, not breathable. Most people seem to imagine a sweater some long lost relative has given you for Christmas when you were a child. This is not 100% true! Itchiness does occur if you have allergies to animal fibers, or extremely sensitive skin, but wool is temperature regulating! It keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Yes, it does, if you can believe it. Wildflower, with its cotton blend, is extremely breathable. I could even feel a breeze when I was wearing Tot.

Wildflower was comfortable to our shoulders – not extremely cushy, but not prone to digging either. It was a nice solid weight on my shoulders. It’s a pretty solid wrap, I can see it being softer and maybe a tiny bit of relaxing once it’s broken in more, but it’s SOLID. I didn’t have to readjust any passes. I threw Tot up in a shepherd’s carry and a reinforced ruck. He was even up in a regular ruck for a short period of time. There is a slight bounce, where it feels like it stretches a bit while wrapping (amazing chest passes!), but it does spring back into place.

The moldability is there for Wildflower. I can see it being more Ace bandagey, the more it’s broken in. I wouldn’t consider it to be a cumbersome wrap at all. The flexibility will come, you can definitely see it happening, the more you wrap with it.

Wildflower is a merino wool and cotton blend. It’s a superwash wool, so have no fear in washing this one! As always, I recommend contacting Bijou to see what their washing instructions are. But Bijou wool is pretty easy to care for.

Windmills is a textured wrap. It gives the wrap texture and makes your passes stay put. It’s not overly textured, where you have to wiggle some passes around, but to the point where you don’t have to worry about readjusting when the time comes. Nice and grippy. The wool makes Wildflower nice and snuggly. I found Tot snuggling with the wrap when he wasn’t up in it. As of right now, Wildflower is retaining its shape, but it will be more floppy with time. A lot of love will make this wrap easily flop around and about.

We loved having Wildflower visit us for a bit. I love purple, so there was that happiness to see Bijou have a true purple wrap. The wool was fun to play with and we’re truly going to miss having Wildflower around for nap time.

Bijou Wear: website / Facebook

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