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Adventure: Disneyland on Halloween

November 5, 2017 13 Comments

This post is sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors.

We’ve been to Disneyland a few times, or more than a few times I should say. We love Disney. Living out of California showed me what I took for granted when I lived here. So when I moved back, the first thing I did was get an annual pass for Disney. So we decided to do Disneyland for Tot’s 3rd birthday and for Halloween. SO EXCITED.

Mitsubishi was amazing and dropped off a 2018 Outlander SEL for us to take on our trip. We are also in the market for a bigger car, so we were excited to be able to drive the Outlander for our trip. My car is older, so this was a bit of a treat. Honestly, I felt like I was sitting in a rocket ship, when I first sat in the front seat. Touch screen, big screens, cameras – I didn’t know what to touch first. The kids loved checking out the car, and loved having a third row of seats. Tot called the second row and Birdie wanted the third row to herself. The kids were loving the extra room that they had!

The trip down went seamlessly. I love the notifications that popped up on the dashboard was nice. I enjoyed knowing when you were in ECO-cel, so you weren’t using much gas. They also had notifications for other vehicles being in your blindspot, if you were drifting into another lane or if something jumped into your lane and you needed to brake. Normally we have to stop a few times for gas or because the kids were getting antsy, but the ride was so smooth, we were able to just drive straight there.

Day 1 – We stopped at the hotel first, had to empty out the car and wash the travel off of us. We made it into the park by dark and got to see the Halloween decorations that they had out. We ate at Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port – our favorite restaurant for quick and inexpensive food in the park. The kids love pizza and this mom wanted some carbs. Spaghetti all the way! It’s the only thing that I can get everyone to agree on anyway.

Tot is obsessed with Toy Story and “Buzz Buzz” so we went on Astroblasters. A and the kiddos are super competitive, so they wanted to see who got the most points at the end. We also love getting the photo emailed to us at the end. We also had to check out the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay over at Haunted Mansion. Birdie loves the Haunted Mansion and I love Nightmare Before Christmas. I love Sally and Jack. Plus you get to smell the gingerbread on the ride, from the gingerbread house.

Day 2 – SO HOT. It was a nice 105 and we were melting. Everyone bought hats and extra bottles of water. We were not about to become dehydrated. We wanted to enjoy the day. We checked out as many shows as we could, so we could enjoy the air conditioning. We also found out that TOT IS TALL ENOUGH for certain rides! He got to ride Soarin’! He was SO proud of himself. He kept telling every cast member that he’s extra tall and he can finally ride Star Wars!

We got to check out Cars Land since they were decorated for Halloween. We loved the decorations! This is the first year that they did it and they definitely hit the ball out of the park. It was incredibly perfect. The decorations were made out to car parts, so it really fit into the whole “Haul-O’ween” thing they had going on.


Day 3 – Another hot day. Only 107 today. I can’t believe we decided to check out Disneyland on the hottest weekend of the year — for the most part. Just felt like we were melting away. Our big boy finally got to go on Star Wars for the first time. He couldn’t stop smiling. The lines weren’t too bad since the park closed early for Mickey’s Halloween party. We got to eat at Cafe Orleans for the first time and tried out the Monte Cristo. This sandwich is pretty good – it’s like having the main entree and dessert on one platter.


We decided to go back to the hotel for a nap and get changed into costumes for Mickey’s Halloween Party. This was amazing! I can definitely see us doing this every year for as long as we can. They have little trails for you to go trick or treating throughout the entire park. We got SO much candy. We got to dance with Pixar characters at the Pixar Dance Party, meet up with Villains that you normally don’t see around the park. There was a villain parade that was just simply amazing. My favorite characters are the villains so this whole thing was just so worth it to me. End of the night, we had over 10 pounds of candy. It was ridiculous, but oh so worth it.

Day 4 – Our last day. We went through the parks to hit up the last bit of rides that we didn’t ride before. It was just a nice, slow, calm day. The lines weren’t too overwhelming and it wasn’t as hot as it was before. Everyone got to go on their favorite rides one last time before it was time to head home. It’s so bittersweet to leave the parks.

I did wear Tot during our trip! Not to many photos to show for it, because he’s running everywhere when we’re there. But he did go up, when he was overwhelmed, to be nursed and for nap time. It’s so perfect. I know I will miss these snuggles when it’s time to let them go.

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