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Review: Emmeline Textiles Emmeline Metachrosis

November 15, 2017 No Comments

Emmeline Textiles Emmeline Metachrosis

  • 100% cotton
  • $$
  • Machine woven
  • Support: Average
  • Best for: All babies
  • Carries: Great with carries with cross passes

Once I saw that Emmeline Textiles had a dual weft weave wrap, I knew I had to see it in the person. You see how the photo above looks almost like a darkish purple and ecru wrap? It’s red and blue woven together so from further away it’s this purple/gray, and up close, you can see the red and blue. Make sure you check out the macro shots below to see the different color threads!

Metachrosis isn’t much different from the other Emmelines woven wraps. She’s thin, but not too thin. She’s cushy, but not marshmallow-y. She has texture, but it isn’t overwhelming. Some stretch, but not enough to sag. Just perfectly enough of everything.

Metachrosis was nice on the shoulders. It didn’t dig too much at all. I wouldn’t say it was extremely cushy or anything, but it didn’t hurt to lug around 40 lb Tot. My shoulders were perfectly fine after an afternoon walk and nap. No complaints here. This wrap has a bit of stretch in it. It does have some bounce. You can stretch it through, so your passes mold to your body like an ace bandage. It always snaps right back into shape, with minimal sagging. I actually didn’t have any problems with sagging at all. I wouldn’t say this wrap is completely solid, due to the stretch, but I didn’t have to readjust my passes at all. It might slightly stretch out with use, but I had no issue there.

This wrap is like an ace bandage, like I said before. It molds to every curve. Look at how its tightened around his body. This is not a cumbersome wrap. There is some diagonal stretch in Metachrosis.

This wrap isn’t a beater wrap (one that can take a beating and survive), but I wouldn’t say it’s so delicate that it needs to be babied. There are white parts of the wrap, and always be cautious of snagging. You can never be too careful. This wrap is 100% cotton, so no special washing instructions. But as always, I recommend following the company’s washing instructions.

I’m a fan of the texture in Emmeline. She’s glide-y, so it’s extremely fun to wrap with. She moves easily and it’s incredibly easy to tie a knot. I’m pretty sure I perfected my slip knot in an Emmeline. There is just enough texture that this wrap isn’t slippery. I think that’s my favorite part. There’s a slight 3D texture to it, but it doesn’t pop out too much. I think it’s more obvious in Metachrosis because of the dual weft. All Emmelines are floppy. So far. I don’t know if there are plans for future Emmelines with different blends. But this cotton blend works. I’ve never met an Emmeline that wasn’t floppy and fun to wrap with.

Emmeline Textiles does it again, with another wonderful wrap. Check out these macro shots, because I’m a sucker for macros:

Emmeline Textiles: website / Facebook

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