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Review: Apple Blossom Wovens Twilight Black

March 26, 2018 No Comments
Review: ABW Twilight Black

Review: ABW Twilight Black

Apple Blossom Wovens Twilight Black weft

  • 100% cotton
  • $$
  • machine woven
  • Best for: all babies
  • Carries: all

I was blessed with the chance to play with some Apple Blossom Wovens’ travelers this past year and Twilight has got to be one of my favorites! Look at these colors. These colors are so gorgeous. Tot is getting bigger and doesn’t go up quite as much as he used to, much to my chagrin. My baby is growing up. He still asks to go up when he’s tired, sad, sick, or just needs some cuddles. Sometimes mama needs cuddles too.

With Tot getting bigger, I’ve been really enjoying some longer wraps. I tend to be more partial to shorter wraps because he asks to get up and down so often, but I love the extra fabric for more support. In this photos, I’m wearing him in a double hammock, because multiple passes go over him. I get support from the shoulders, the chest pass and I get to tie at my waist, so some weight is shifted around my waist.

Twilight shines in a lot of carries. Giselle’s with a waist belt is one of my favorites and it worked well there too. I didn’t have any issues with diggy shoulders – but I’m not sure I would consider it cushy. I’m a fan of the pleats over the shoulder. I feel like it gives more support and I have less chance of slack in my passes. There’s limited give with Twilight, it’s not too stretchy at all. There’s a tiny bit which helps the passes smooth out around the babe, but not so much where I’m constantly fixing my carries. Twilight is a pretty solid wrap — at least for now, it might change a bit as it gets more broken in. This wrap is right in-between being cumbersome and ace bandage-y. It’s slightly bulky, but I never felt like I had an issue with tightening my passes.

This wrap does not need any special care, but I think it’s too pretty to be considered a workhorse. Like always, I recommend following the company’s directions. It’s 100% cotton, so easy to wash. It isn’t prone to pulls either. I feel like the weave is dense enough, but like always with any woven fabrics – be cautious.

Twilight isn’t a hot wrap, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it airy either. The tightness of the weave means that it doesn’t allow much air to pass through. But we didn’t get to hot or anything while wearing out in the sun.

Twilight is grippy. You can see the texture in the photos below. The passes don’t get stuck while you’re wrapping, but it does take a tiny bit of work. I wouldn’t consider them to glide. I might have had to wiggle a little bit, here and there to make sure my passes went where I needed them to go. It doesn’t take much to tie a knot in this wrap, but as you can see below, the knot is a little on the big side. With time and love, this wrap is on its way to becoming floppy. It is not a stiff wrap.

I wish this wrap lived here. These colors are my favorite. The wrap qualities are my favorite, they remind me of Midnight Sky (review here), which has basically found it’s forever home here. I love having this wrap in my base so I can do some carries that I haven’t done in a good minute.

SO pretty.

Apple Blossom Wovens: website / Facebook

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