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Black Babywearing Week & Meetup

June 13, 2018 No Comments

If you haven’t seen it on my Instagram account, June 10-16 is Black Babywearing Week. Here is the mission on BBWW:

Black Babywearing Week is for us, by us. We are here to uplift and inspire black babywearers and to unify our community of black educators, bloggers and black-owned babywearing companies. We are here to make babywearing carriers, options, and education available and accessible to all black caregivers.We are here to bring light to our history and embrace the future of black babywearing.

Babywearing is important to me. It’s been a part of my family for generations. I remember my grandmother wearing and my mother. My father also had no issues wearing umy siblings and myself when we were younger, and will happily wear my children to this day.

I just find it so important to have accurate representation. I remember the first time my daughter pointed to the television and said “Hey! She looks like me!”

Today I held my own meetup for Black Babywearing Week. I’m a complete introvert. I do show up to some of our local babywearing meetings, but just hang out with the kids in the corner. It takes me almost a whole meeting to warm up and actually be able to talk to someone. So this was new for me. There wasn’t a big turn out, but I had some carriers and snacks – and we had a great time. I made new friends. It was a fun experience.

One of the sponsors of Black Babywearing Week is Poppet Slings. They are a new, local small business that I love. I recently met the owner, Jacquie and I love how the company donates with every sale they make. They were a huge hit at the meet up!

Thanks to Poppet, I’m giving one in stock ring sling away! They are available in three different sizes – classic, long and extra long. They have single layer slings and double layer slings.

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To find out more information on Black Babywearing Week, check out their Facebook page, Instagram page, and their website.

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