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Review: Apple Blossom Wovens Black Agate

August 23, 2018 No Comments

Apple Blossom Wovens Black Agate

  • 100% cotton
  • $$
  • machine woven
  • Best for: all babies
  • Carries: all

When I heard that Apple Blossom Wovens was going to have a monochrome wrap, I was so excited. I love black, white and gray everything. That’s most of my wardrobe and my baby carrier collection. I love how ABW woven wraps wrap, so I needed to have it and try it out. It’s perfect. Just look at the colors! It’s not done in traditional black and white yarn – it even has some gray in there to give it dimension. It really makes it pop! I was able to play with Agate in a base size – which had been changing a bit due to my pregnancy.

I love ABW’s 100% cotton wraps. They are extremely cushy on the shoulders. I had no issues with digging at all and Tot has become a pretty big toddler. I still wore him while pregnant with Dumpling and I had no issues at all. We wore around Target, the mall, evening strolls and for bed time. I constantly wore him in a double hammock or Giselle’s with a waist belt. The waist belt had to stop once Dumpling made herself known with a baby bump. I was even able to throw Tot up with a ruck and he didn’t move, at all.

When I first received Agate, I would’ve said that there was minimal give. Now that it’s basically broken in, there’s a bit of diagonal stretch, that makes it mold with my passes. It’s a pretty solid wrap, that relaxes a bit with time. It doesn’t relax too much where I find myself having to tighten again or adjust my passes.

At first, Agate seemed a bit cumbersome. It was a tiny bit on the bulky side, which you can see from the knots and the braid. It seemed a little thick. It’s pretty amazing for a bigger baby, and soft enough for a newborn — but there’s rumors of a Tencel Agate coming out and I think that would be perfect for a brand new squish. 100% cotton means that this isn’t a dainty wrap. I wouldn’t consider it a workhorse per say, because of the weave. You want to make sure that you don’t snag it. But with the 100% cotton, I would consider it easy care. As always, I recommend following the company’s wash directions.

Agate is a bit on the warm side. I think it’s because of how dense it is. Was I sweating to death while wearing Agate over the summer? Not at all. But it was a tiny bit warm – which would make it perfect to wear in the fall and winter (which I am looking forward to!).

The texture is completely there and it’s fun to run your hands over it. It isn’t a sticky wrap, but the texture helps the passes lock in nicely. Not overly grippy or anything. It is a bit of a workout to get the perfect knot — which a double knot is the size of Dumpling’s head currently. But I can see Agate breaking in more and it not being an issue at all — like with Midnight Sky (read that review here!).

Agate is soft and snuggly. Yes, it is. It would make an amazing blanket, which might have to happen after our babywearing days are over. The kids love to use it in the car when the air conditioning is turned up. The more Agate breaks in, the more floppy it gets and I can just see it being the perfect floppy wrap that we use constantly.

So in all, I love this wrap. Look at the macro shots! You can see the bit of gray yarn in it and it makes all the difference. I feel like it just makes it pop out. It’s so pretty.

This beautiful wrap is releasing tomorrow, August 24th at 9am PDT (that’s noon eastern!). I am betting this one goes fast from all the excitement in the chatter group.

Apple Blossom Wovens: website Facebook

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