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Comparison: Emmeline Textiles Partita No. 6 and Partita No. 36

August 29, 2018 No Comments

Partita No. 6

  • 100%  Pima cotton
  • $$
  • Machine woven
  • Support: Above average
  • Best for: All babies
  • Carries: Great with all!

Partita No. 36

  • 100%  Pima cotton
  • $$
  • Machine woven
  • Support: Average
  • Best for: Smaller babies
  • Carries: Great with all!

I was able to get Partita No. 36 as a traveler and I was incredibly excited. It looks exactly like No. 6 – it’s 100% pima cotton like No. 6, but it feels different and wraps differently than No. 6. I wanted to compare the two and see what the difference was.

The woven wrap on the left is No. 36 and the wrap on the right is No. 6. So similar, but not really. You can see the texture on No. 6. and No. 36 looks a lot smoother.

No. 36 is a long 7 and No. 6 is a size 6. No. 6 is still on the right and I looks thicker. Look how thin No. 36 folds down.

I had to try a BWCC with a sweetheart finish – at the suggestion of Julianna from Greetings from Dallas. I’ve never tried this carry before. I think I’m a fan! I liked how it felt, in No. 36. The thinness of No. 36 made the carry nice with the multiple passes.

I like this shot because of Emmeline Textiles’ tag. The textile seems to totally disappear and makes No. 36 look smooth.

Epic tandem! Tot on my back in No. 36 and Dumpling on my front in No. 6. I think next time I would like to have Dumpling in No. 36 and Tot in No. 6. No. 36 is smoother, soapier and thinner. No. 6 has way more texture and is definitely thicker.

No. 36’s macro shot. You can see the weave, and how thin the yarn is.

No. 6’s macro shot. The yarn is slightly thicker.

So, they’re both awesome, pretty much. I recommend No. 36 for someone who prefers thinner wraps, wraps in a warmer climate or has a smaller baby to wrap. It’s thinner. Has more of a diagonal stretch. Less texture. I feel like No. 6 is standard. It has medium thickness, more texture and less stretch. So two totally different wraps but look so similar.

Emmeline Textiles: website / Facebook

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