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Review: Marisso Slings Azalea Cherry Blossom

September 17, 2018 No Comments

Marisso Slings Azalea Cherry Blossom

  • 100%  cotton
  • $$$
  • Machine woven
  • Support: Average
  • Best for: Smaller babies
  • Carries: Great with all!

I was chosen to host a Marisso Slings woven wrap and I was excited. I’ve seen them around in photos and through reviews, but I’ve never had the opportunity to try one out. I was sent Azalea in cherry blossom and it was pretty amazing! I received it right after having Dumpling and it was the perfect wrap to get some newborn cuddles. It’s a gorgeous wrap that I really enjoyed having here.

This wrap is CUSHY. Like on the shoulders. It feels great on the shoulders. I had Dumpling up in a FWCC and Tot up in a double hammock and this wrap did not disappoint. It did not dig at all. I walked around downtown with Dumpling in a FWCC for a long time and I had Tot up for about an hour (he doesn’t stay up long anymore) and my shoulders did not hurt. It was nice. A had found a collectible store, so we were out a little longer than we had planned. It was fun though, totally worth it. Azalea does have a bit of bounce to it. There is some stretch that helps the wrap bounce right back into place. It stretches out a tiny bit with use, but not to the point of retightening or having to redo my wrapping at all.

Azalea does have a bit of diagonal stretch, which makes awesome chest passes. I love that ace bandage feeling when I do chest passes. The sling passes over Tot’s back were pretty smooth as well. It hugs very well. This wrap is pretty sturdy, but with the design and how soft it is – it makes me feel like it’s delicate. With the 100% cotton though, it should be pretty easy to wash and care for. But as always, I always make sure to follow the company’s directions – you can never be too sure.

The pink side is softer than the natural side, but not to the point of anything serious. I found the kids rubbing their faces on the pink side if that testifies to anything. Tot kept saying it was soft, ha. It’s not too thick, but it was comfortable, like a well worn blanket. Soft and snuggly. It was nice and a little airy, not too warm. There is slight texture of the design, but not too much to make the wrap grippy. The natural side does have more texture than the pink side. It was extremely easy to tie a knot in Azalea, with a tiny bit of slippage. This wrap was pretty floppy and I think it’s on the newer side. I love it when a wrap doesn’t take too much to break in when I’m using it with Dumpling. With Tot, I love helping the break in process.

I’m sad Azalea had to move on, but I love that it gets to snuggle other babies. It was a great wrap, especially with Dumpling. It was soft, comfortable. Wrapped easily. I didn’t have to struggle to get passes where I needed them to go. I love the color and the design. I can’t wait to check out what other wraps that Marisso has to offer!

Marisso Slings: website / Facebook

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