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10 Must Haves for an Infant

January 25, 2019 No Comments

I did a list for your hospital bag, newborn and new mom, so I figured I needed to a list for an infant. There are so many things that an infant needs, that a newborn doesn’t necessarily need. These are my top ten that I’ve been using the most.

Dock-a-Tot – Are we surprised this is still on my list? Dumpling loves ours. We even take it on road trips. We put it into the little bag that it came with and we travel with it.


ErgoBaby – A soft structured baby carrier. I use a baby carrier since birth. One went into my hospital bag so I could wear after I had her. This one is definitely on my list. How else would I juggle doing all of these things for my kiddos? Plus cooking and cleaning? I got this awesome Hello Kitty one, because hi, I love Hello Kitty. She’s iconic. And it’s blue, so dad will still wear it. I know it shouldn’t matter color, but if this prevents an argument, I’m ALL FOR IT.

Binxy Baby – A shopping cart hammock. I tend to babywear when I go grocery shopping, but sometimes I just don’t want to. It happens. I hate taking the infant car seat with me into the store, because it takes up all the space in the shopping cart. Remember – it doesn’t go up in the seat part. You’re supposed to put it down in the basket. But if you put it down there, where does the food go? Enters the Bixby Baby! It’s a hammock that goes over the basket, so you can still put your groceries down below. AMAZING. You can even put the infant car seat onto it, if you don’t want to put baby in there.

Ollie Baby – Yes, Dumpling still gets swaddled. It helps her sleep longer. I’ve been sticking to the Ollie Baby because she STILL FITS IN IT. I know there are other swaddlers out there, and you have to size them. This one fits from birth. We are currently at the one arm out stage and will be weaning to two arms out and then I think it’s time to hang it up. But as of right now – we are still using ours.

Stroller – Yes, I love to babywear. I talk about it all the time on this blog, but sometimes you just need a stroller. I’ve been using mine for long walks, especially with my wild middle child. I need to start jogging/running again, but still having heart issues due to this last pregnancy. But the stroller has been a lifesaver for the times that I can’t babywear. We own a Britax. It’s lightweight, easy to use, actually fits in my trunk (not many do!). I use it in the doctor’s office, when I take the kids to the bouncy house (and I get to sit and work while they play and Dumpling naps).

NoseFrida – I wasn’t too sure about this contraption when I saw it. I was totally for the bulb still. Christina from Finally Mama got Dumpling one, since she uses one with her little one and I like it a lot. It makes it way easier to get that mucus out of her nose. It’s a lifesaver.

Bouncer – I like these lightweight, travel – or easy to move, bouncers. We use this one. Why? Because sometimes I just need BOTH hands. Need to use the restroom? She can sit here for a second. Need to shower? She can sit here and I can talk to her through the shower curtain. SO convenient.

Ring Sling – Another baby carrier makes it onto my list. I love ring slings. They’re so versatile. Ring slings make it easy for quick ups. They’re lightweight and thin. So they fit easily into my diaper bag. Right now, my favorite two are Poppet Slings – pre-softened linen for the win – and Studio Tekhni – amazing herringbone texture, simply gorgeous material. The one in the picture above is Studio Tekhni.

Baby monitor – I am currently using this one. I didn’t use a baby monitor with the other kiddos. I figured I’m home, it’s cool. But no. Game changer. Sometimes I FaceTime myself on my iPad and leave it in the bedroom so I can go do laundry. But now I don’t have to do that. Like right now. It’s nap time, and Dumpling is in her bassinet upstairs. And it’s OKAY because I can still see her, hear her and I know the temperature in the room – so I know she’s not freezing or sweating to death.

Diaper bag – My favorite type of diaper bag is the backpack. I love being able to just throw mine over my back, while I’m babywearing or dangle it off of my stroller. Right now I’m using a Ju-Ju-Be be right back.

Ones that didn’t make the list, but I thought about making it a top twenty list instead:

Teethers – Dumpling isn’t teething yet – that I can see. No teeth in the gums or anything, but she’s at the stage where everything makes it into her mouth. So I have those silicone teethers on everything. They’re also on her pacifier clip, just in case. We love ours from Chomps and Cuddles. They make custom ones so I can have cool and fun shapes. I get to pick the colors. So naturally, they match all my carriers, so I can clip them on.

Hats – We love our Urban Baby Bonnets. In the sun? Throw on a bonnet. They have a brim so it covers her sweet little face and I don’t have to worry about sun burns. It’s cold? They just realized some with wool and some thicker one for the cold. SO convenient. Also our King Knit crochet bonnets. Keeping us warm – since you lose most of your body heat through your head.

CJ Butter – Our favorite diaper rash cream. It’s cloth diaper safe. We love the Monkey Farts scent. It smells so good.

Wet bag – I feel like I use ours for everything. I have a few in different sizes in our diaper bag. They’re like a reusable ziploc bag almost. Wet clothes, dirty clothes, dirty cloth diapers go into a big one — just in case we have an accident when we are out and about. I don’t have to go looking for a plastic bag, because hi California – we don’t have plastic bags anymore. I can put food and snacks into the smaller ones for the oldest kids. I have basic medical supplies in a medium sized bag – bandaids, first aid cream, tweezers.

June & January – I love their basics for children. They just released a mama line – I own two maxis from it and they’re so comfortable. I recommend them for postpartum. They also realized bigger kid sizes so my older two can wear J&J again! I’m so excited about that.

Milk Snob – I use their car seat covers and I love them! I actually won one in a giveaway. I love how their multifunctional. I cover her car seat in it, use it as a nursing cover and I can also use it as a scarf.

Mama Metal & Woven Wraps – I love mama metal. It’s a fun piece of jewelry for moms. I like it more than the big, bright stuff that’s marketed for kiddos. It’s strong enough for Little hands to play with. I like the clinking sound it makes. I swear by Ilana of Seashore Design Studio. I also love woven wraps for babywearing, as you can see all over the website. So this Twilight Magenta by Apple Blossom Wovens needed an honorable mention. Look at these colors!

Disclosure: Some of these links are referral links. Some aren’t. But they all go to products I love and wanted to share. All opinions are my own.

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