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Review: Emmeline Textiles Juno Squares V2

February 22, 2019 No Comments

Emmeline Textiles Juno Squares V2

• 100% cotton

• $$

• Machine woven

• Support: Average

• Best for: Any Age

• Carries: Great with all!

I received Emmeline Textiles’ Juno Squares Version 2 in the traveler program and I was excited to try it out. Their program has a lot of options for caregivers to check out all kinds of wraps. I haven’t played with Juno Squares yet, so I wanted to play around a bit.

Juno Squares V2 is a thin wrap. Very thin – but not in a bad way. I wouldn’t consider the shoulders to be cushy. But I wouldn’t consider them to be diggy either. The shoulders didn’t dig in any of the carries (ruck, double hammock, front wrap cross carry) that I ended up trying.

There is limited give to this wrap. Ignore the sloppy wrap job. It was a size that I wasn’t quite used to, so I struggled a bit. It gave a good chest pass. Just barely any stretch, so it molded across my chest a bit. The wrap is pretty solid, it doesn’t relax much with use. I didn’t have to readjust or tighten with use.

I definitely wouldn’t consider Juno Squares V2 to be a cumbersome wrap. It’s leaning towards the Ace Wrap category, but without a huge amount of stretch. The moldability is almost there. This isn’t a delicate wrap, but it is natty – so I wouldn’t quite consider it a workhorse if you are prone to dropping stuff. Stains don’t tend to stay on Emmeline Textiles’ 100% cotton wraps. Like always, I do recommend following the company’s care instructions.

Juno Squares is pretty airy. It’s thin, so it doesn’t retain heat. Passes do glide pretty well, with a tiny bit of texture from the weave. The squares remind me more of a basket weave pattern than anything. It’s pretty easy to tie a double knot of a slip knot. No extra wiggling it shimmying to get the wrap into place.

The wrap is slightly bumpy from the texture of the pattern – you can see it in the photo above. And eek – baby feet! I love baby feet. The wrap is pretty floppy already, and I bet will continue to be more so as it continues on to the other hosts.

All in all – great wrap. Single passes for the little ones and I recommend multi passes for the bigger kids. Thin but not diggy. Textured but not too textured where it’s too grippy. Another win from EmTex.

Emmeline Textiles: website / Facebook

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