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Review: Lolly Wovens Heron Anturium

March 7, 2019 No Comments

Lolly Wovens Heron Anturium

• 80% Cotton, 20% microtencel

• $

• Machine woven

• Support: Average

• Best for: Any Age

• Carries: Great with all

I was chosen to host one of Lolly Wovens American testers and I was eager to check it out. I’ve only seen the company on Facebook – they have giveaways, and I was curious to check them out. The company is located in Europe and their wraps tend to be on the less expensive side, which I can definitely appreciate. You can get up to a size 7 for under $100!

Heron Anturium is on the medium side of thickness. It’s not super thin, nor is it a wrap I would consider thick. My shoulders feel pretty good while wrapping with Heron. It isn’t a diggy wrap at all. I can ruck Tot up in this and he feels pretty weightless.

There is limited give in this wrap. It’s not quite bouncy. It has a tiny bit of diagonal stretch, so the passes mold nicely. It’s mostly solid, it might soften up with more use. I did notice a bit of relaxing when I had Dumpling up for over an hour, during nap time. But not so much where I had to readjust and rework my passes.

Heron is getting to the Ace bandage quality that I love with my wraps. It makes a nice, smooth chest pass and hugs nicely on my horizontal passes. This wrap is closer to a workhorse wrap, than delicate. It’s not really an open weave, so pulls and snags wouldn’t happen as often. With the blend of cotton and Tencel, it should be an easy wrap to care for. But as always, I recommend sticking to the brand’s care instructions.

This wrap isn’t hot at all, but not as thin to consider it airy. It felt nice in the weather we’ve been having – slightly chilly with a lot of rain. Multiple passes will make this wrap seem warmer. The passes glide easily into place and seem to lock down with the texture. The texture doesn’t get in the way of the gliding at all. It’s soft with a slight bit of texture, from the pattern. You can slightly feel it as you rub your hand over it. Heron is breaking in pretty quickly, as it’s getting floppy and blanket-like.

Heron was a fun visitor! The colors are fun and bright, which doesn’t come through here quite that often. The kids loved the green and the herons that are in the pattern throughout. Lolly Wovens seems like a fun new company and I can’t wait to see what else they come out with.

Lolly Wovens: website / Facebook

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