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Review: Wild Slings Jardin Secret

April 13, 2019 No Comments

Wild Slings Jardin Secret

• 50% organic Pima cotton and 50% organic Egyptian cotton

• $$

• Machine woven

• Support: Average

• Best for: Any Age

• Carries: Great with all

I have no words. This wrap is SO soft. Like blanket soft. Like I didn’t want to send it off soft. It completely surprised me. This completely gorgeous wrap is Wild Slings Jardin Secret. It has flowers, birds and even a little snail on it. The snail is my favorite.

This wrap is soft and pretty thick. It was wondrous on my shoulders. I didn’t have to worry about any digging. It was nice and cushy on the double hammock carry that I did.

There was slight give. Not too stretchy, but enough for nice moldable passes. It relaxes a bit during the wear, but I wasn’t readjusting often. Not enough to bug me.

The wrap was bulky, as you can see in the pond finish that I was in the middle of. But not so cumbersome that I felt like I couldn’t get it tight enough.

I would put this wrap on the delicate side, due to the weave. It had some opening weave, that I was worried about snagging sometimes. I also didn’t think this wrap was warm. We weren’t too hot in it, but I wouldn’t call it airy.

Look at those colors! Love how this looks. The black background and design on one side and all of the colors on the other. It’s so pretty.

The passes were pretty smooth. They gilded into place and I didn’t have to shimmy to make sure they fell into place. The design is slightly textured, you can feel it as you run your hand over it but it’s pretty smooth otherwise. This wrap had seen a few hosts before it made it to me so it was completely broken in and so floppy because of it.

This wrap was a surprise! It looked so thick when I got it – I admit I was a bit afraid. But it was just so soft, smooth and like a blanket. I don’t really have any other way to describe it – it just felt like an amazing blanket. Cuddly soft. Supportive.

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