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Review: Bijou Wear Decadence Skyline

July 4, 2019 No Comments

Bijou Wear Decadence Skyline

• 100% cotton

• $$

• Machine woven

• Support: Average

• Best for: Any Age

• Carries: Great with all

I was able to check out Bijou’s Decadence Skyline when another wrap came to visit and this did not disappoint.

This wrap is so fun! It’s a double weave, but don’t let that scare you. It honestly doesn’t require any breaking in at all. It was extremely soft when it made its way to me. Decadence Skyline is extremely supportive and I could get Tot (4 years/44 lb) up in a ruck. The double weave reminded me of memory foam.

Decadence Skyline is so cushy. There’s a lot of shoulder cush. I think that makes it great for those heavier babies and toddlers. It’s supportive like you wouldn’t believe. It isn’t prone to digging at all. There’s a little bit of stretch, that helps mold those perfect passes. Dumpling wanted to nurse, so not exactly the neatest carry, but it was very comfortable.

It’s a pretty solid wrap, with a little bit of give. I can see more happening as you wear for longer lengths of time. The double weave is a bit thick, but not really cumbersome where it frustrates you. It also makes it a tiny bit on the warm side, but not overwhelmingly hot.

This wrap could handle a decent work out, but it is mostly white. It’s 100% cotton – Egyptian and standard cotton, so it doesn’t need to be washed a special way. As always, I recommend you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Decadence Skyline wraps well for all the texture that it has. It makes it grippy, so you might have some issue with gliding passes around. It isn’t really a problem though and it really helps lock those passes in. You don’t have to worry about readjusting constantly. My knot was on the big side, but I love big knots. Dumpling was able to sit right on it during a front wrap cross carry and I didn’t have to double knot it. It stayed put.

The wrap is soft and snuggly. One side had almost like a flannel feel to it. The other side was more of the textured side. Slightly bumpy. Skyline was retaining its shape while it was here, but I’d assume it would get more floppy as it gets used.

Loved having Bijou Decadence Skyline here for a good amount of time. I love hosting wraps for a good length of time so I can see how it changes. I love the diamond pattern on it and those colors are so me. I would definitely recommend this wrap to anyone with a bigger child or find a used, broken in one for a squish.

Bijou Wear: website / Facebook

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