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Review: Rabbit Hole Handwovens Radiant Rose

September 6, 2019 No Comments

Rabbit Hole Handwovens Radiant Rose

  • 50% Supima Cotton 50% Rose Viscose
  • $$$
  • Hand woven
  • Best for: all babies
  • Carries: all carries

I was chosen to host this Radiant Rose traveler from Rabbit Hole Handwovens and I was so excited. I’ve been watching Rabbit Hole for a while and it’s a group of 5 incredibly talent people – so I’ve been waiting to see if I could host one of their woven wraps for a little while. Handwovens are a bit of a treat that I don’t get often, so to be chosen to host one has been awesome!

Radiant Rose is amazingly soft. That was one of the first things I noticed about the wrap. It was just so soft to the touch. I caught Dumpling rubbing it on her face a few times. She really liked the texture. The second thing that I noticed was the COLORS. Have you seen how bright this wrap is? If you check out their Facebook group, you can see the inspiration picture that inspired this wrap and it’s pretty spot on.

Ignore my lack of grass, it’s been ah ot summer. But check out those colors! What you don’t quite see here is the rail of green that’s underneath Dumpling’s bum.

Radiant Rose was one of the thinner handwovens that I’ve been able to try. It’s not super cushy like a marshmallow or anything, but I wouldn’t quite say that it was diggy on my shoulders. I didn’t have any issues with digging in the double hammock that you see in my photos. I didn’t have any issue with it in the front cross carry that we attempted as well. There also isn’t much diagonal stretch in Radiant Rose, but it wasn’t necessary to get nice passes. It maintained its shape really well.

Radiant Rose is a pretty solid wrap. I didn’t have to readjust at any time, even during nap time which sometimes occur when using a woven wrap. She was nice and tight against me and it felt like a really solid carry in this wrap.

You can kind of see the green rail under her bum from this angle.

Radiant Rose is on the thinner side, so it molds quite nicely in each pass. I wouldn’t quite say like an ace bandage, because it doesn’t have that stretch. I also would consider this wrap on the delicate side, due to the blend, the weave and the fact that it’s handwoven. I tend to treat my handwovens like babies. I also feel like some of these unique textures are a tiny bit more pull prone. This baby was also pretty airy, so we weren’t too hot. Especially with the heat wave that we had going on here.

I love the texture on Radiant Rose. It’s so pretty! It felt nice to touch. Dumpling loved how soft the wrap was and the bumpy texture was fun to run her fingers over. It was a lmost 3D like, so it’s pretty obvious. There is enough texture that I would consider this wrap nicely grippy. The texture helps the wrap’s passes really lock in. We did have to do a little bit of a shimmy to get the pass up her back, but nothing too bad.

You can see the weave in the above photo and that texture really jumps out at you. We really enjoyed it. This wrap is pretty floppy. It stopped at a lot of houses before here, so it was nicely broken in.

We really enjoyed having this wrap here. It was awesome to host. Nice and airy for this heat wave. So soft, that Dumpling never wanted to let it go. We loved the bright, fun colors. It was just really a joy to host.

Rabbit Hole Handwovens: Facebook / Instagram

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