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Review: marisso venus glamour

October 15, 2019 No Comments

Marisso Sings Venus Glamour

  • 73% cotton, 22% cashmere, 5% glitter
  • $$$
  • Machine woven
  • Best for: all babies
  • Carries: all carries

I was able to get on the tester list for Marisso Slings Venus Glamour and I was incredibly excited. I’ve wanted to try out a glitter wrap that wasn’t itchy or scratchy – and didn’t bother Dumpling’s skin. This one really held up to the test.

Venus Glamour is so soft to the touch. That cashmere makes it feel more like a blanket than a wrap. It makes you just want to curl up and cuddle with it.

I wrapped Dumpling in a front wrap cross carry and she felt ultimately weightless. The shoulder passes were really cushy – not diggy at all. There’s a limited give with Venus Glamour, with a tiny bit of bounce. It’s a pretty solid wrap, due to the denseness of it. There might be a tiny bit of relaxing, but not much that I noticed.

The thickness of this wrap makes it a bit cumbersome. The knotting was hard to handle, but I can imagine that getting easier with time as the wrap breaks in. But it made a big knot that felt hard to tighten.

I would say that Venus Glamour is more on the delicate side with the content being 22% cashmere. Definitely recommend following Marisso Slings’ washing instructions. Also the glitter threads are a bit pull prone, so please be careful with jewelry when you wear this one. This wrap is warm and I think it has to do with the fact of how dense and blankety it is.

I had an easy time with the passes. They were nice and glidey but the glitter gave great texture to help lock those passes into place. The glitter doesn’t make it overwhelmingly sticky though.

This wrap is so soft and snuggly though. It felt like an amazing blanket and I just wanted to curl up on the couch with it. The wrap was retaining its shape a bit, but I can see that it was on its way to becoming floppy.

The design is a pretty design, looking like a lace pattern across the wrap. Both sides are equally as pretty. I just chose to wear the side with the more visible glitter than black.

I love being able to check out this wrap! I love how glitter and Stellina look in wraps but I’m always afraid how it’ll feel once in hand. But now I know Marisso Slings has soft glitter – who knew that was possible?

Thank you to Marisso for letting us host this wrap. It was great to have.

Marisso: website / Facebook

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