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Review: Wayward Wovens Everdeen

January 7, 2020 No Comments

Wayward Wovens Everdeen

  • Tencel and Bourette Silk
  • $$$
  • Handwoven
  • Best for: smaller babies
  • Carries: all carries

I got to test out this new fiber combination for Wayward Wovens and I was extremely excited to try them out. I’ve tried silk wraps before and I’ve tried Tencel wraps – I was excited to see how the two worked together.

Bourette silk is tsumugi silk under a different name. It’s the not so silky, nubby, rougher type of silk – which is honestly amazing for wraps. It gives it the texture that is needed so it’s not quite so slippery. But it has all of the amazing silk qualities – keeps warmth in the cool weather, breathable in the warm weather, and it’s also pretty lightweight – depending on what it’s woven with.
Everdeen had the noticeable silk smell – it’s slightly different and stronger than what I’m used to with silk. If you have a sensitive nose, this fiber might not be for you. I know it was a bit stronger than normal since it was shipped in an air tight package. With some airing out, the smell dissipated a bit – but it was still there.

I wrapped a Dumpling in a double hammock, tied in back. It’s our go to when we do our daily walks – since sometimes she falls asleep in it. Everdeen did amazing with a sleeping 25 lb baby. The wrap is nice and lightweight – which was good in this warmer than usual weather we’ve been having. The shoulders were not prone to digging – but I wouldn’t quite call it cushy. It was evenly supportive – no issues with my shoulders.
There is limited give – due to the silk. Some slight diagonal give thanks to the Tencel, but not too much. It made for nice passes, without stretching. It is quite solid, without relaxing. I had no need to readjust passes during our wears. I didn’t find myself reaching to tighten my knots. The give made for nice moldability. My passes hugged nicely.

This wrap is more on the delicate side. There is some open weave that I would be careful for snags. The silk in this blend makes for different wash directions so I would definitely recommend asking the weaver for wash instructions and stay as close and true to those instructions as possible. The weave does make this wrap airy – which when joined with silk’s natural tendencies of keeping heat in and being breathable – makes this wrap awesome for all seasons.
Everdeen has a bit of slipperiness. You can feel it inbetween your fingers , and that’s what makes it so easy to wrap with. The passes just glide. But the texture is there with the weave and the silk. You don’t have to work to make your passes. There’s no wiggling and shimmying to get the perfect pass. The wrap does it for you. It’s soft and smooth, with the right amount of texture to help lock in passes and your knot.

So floppy. So much love. Everdeen was an awesome tester that we loved having. I really loved the colors and the wrap jobs I got out of it were amazing. Some of my sloppy wrap jobs were masked by the gorgeousness of the wrap. Such a fun test.

Wayward Wovens: website | Facebook

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