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review: marisso aspen mono

March 27, 2020 No Comments

marisso slings aspen mono

  • cotton + tsumugj
  • $$$
  • machine woven
  • best for: all babies
  • carries: all carries

i was able to get on the traveling list for aspen mono + i was pretty excited. i love tsumugi silk – the texture + the color always get me. this one is speckled rainbow. it reminded me of funfetti + i was totally here for it.

it was thinner than i expected for tsumugi, but it was a solid wrap. i wore it during the week and i also wore it during a few mile daily walk during the quarantine. i wore dumpling in a double hammock + it held like a champ.

as aspen is pretty cushy on the shoulders. i had no issues with digging. it had limited give – it didn’t have much stretch. it was solid, even through our long walks. i didn’t have to tighten or readjust at all. it was kind of cumbersome – you can see by the knot that it wasn’t quite ace bandage-y. but the chest pass was comfortable. there wasn’t that much diagonal stretched but it did pass over pretty smoothly.

the dense weave makes this wrap pretty pull resistant. the weave isn’t open enough to constant get caught on anything. i would consider silk to be on the delicate side, but tsumugi is full of fun slubs and is on the heavier side. it is considered delicate for washing, so please make sure you follow the brand’s guidelines. otherwise tsumugi is a beast.

it’s a warm wrap, the heat retention is on the higher side. i wouldn’t consider it airy. the texture on aspen mono is fun. i love how the leaf pattern feels almost 3d + you can feel the slubs of the tsumugi. the grip is convenient. the passes lock into place. a little shimmying is required while wrapping, but the solid support makes it worth it.

i love this closeup of the knot so you can see the speckled bits of color. there’s like specks of pink + blue throughout the white. it also shows how much it retains its shape, since the knot looks like it could stand up on its own. it isn’t quite floppy yet.

this wrap is so good. i love that it’s monochrome with the tiny bits of color. it’s thick, without being overpowering. it’s supportive, i love not having to readjust constantly. i also feel like it would keep being this beast that i love. i’m the last person on the traveling list, so i don’t think it’s going to soften up much more + that’s okay. i think that’s the amazing part of this blend. it was just that good.

marisso slings: website / facebook

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