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Review: LoveHeld Slings

September 14, 2020 No Comments
slings and text that says loveheld slings
slings and text that says loveheld slings

One day I mentioned in LoveHeld’s chatter group that I haven’t tried a LoveHeld sling before, and the response was beautiful. They’re so friendly in there – a friend reached out and mentioned that she had three different types that she didn’t mind sending to me. She wanted to send me all three so I could compare and figure out which type I needed for myself.

three slings hanging next to a striped bag and rainbow

Double Amara (prototype sling – dyed by Pink Willow Tree), Paige (green stripe), Imogen (navy)

babe in leopard print shirt, in ombre dyed ring sling
double amara shoulder
close up of double amara

Double Amara was a prototype sling. It was a single Amara that was doubled up to create a double sling. As babes get bigger and heavier, caregivers like the support a double sling offers. This Double Amara was dyed by Pink Willow Tree… and honestly, quite frankly, Double Amara is a BEAST. It was a tad bit hard to thread, but I knew it was broken in — which means that it originally was even harder. But the support was a thing of beauty. Like it felt like Dumpling was floating in there at all times. This one has XL rings on it, to help making the threading easier and it was definitely necessary. To be honest, I think this one is going to be the one I miss the most. It was so cozy and I loved the weight on it. I think it would be amazing in the winter.

babe in green sling
close up of paige sling with rings

Paige is 1.75 weight woven linen sling. 1.75 meaning that it is heavier than a single, but not quite as heavy as double – which means more support, slightly thicker. The texture on her is quite lovely and she’s such a beautiful sling. She’s breathable and easier to use.

babe in imogen ring sling
shot of shoulder of imogen

Imogen is so fun. She’s like your favorite pair of jeans. I love the contrast of color you see in the tail, when the wrong way peeks in the tail. She is one of these softest slings that I’ve ever gotten to try.

LoveHeld: website | Facebook

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