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Review: Wild Slings Champ de Lavande

February 26, 2021 No Comments

Wild Slings Champ de Lavande

  • 55% tussah silk, 40% linen, 5% bamboo
  • $$$
  • machine woven
  • Best for: all babies
  • Carries: all

I got to check out Wild Slings’ Champ de Lavande! I was excited to check out this blend. I love tussah silk — and I love linen, but I’ve never tried them together before. I was super curious since the tussah silk is normally on the thicker, nubby side, and linen is on the thin, smooth side. I was surprised by this blend.

I got to test this wrap in my base size, and I really enjoyed it. I was able to try it in multiple carries – my normal favorites being a FWCC (front wrap cross carry) and a double hammock. They’re my go to for reviews. I feel like it covers all the different aspects of the review.

I found the shoulders to feel pretty well. I didn’t quite think of the wrap as cushy, but I wouldn’t consider it to be prone to being diggy. I didn’t have any issues with my shoulders. It’s thin, so you’d think it’ll be diggy, but it was pretty solid on my shoulders. Dumpling is approximately 32 pounds right now, so sometimes a wrap can really dig into my shoulders if not wrapped well, but I didn’t have any issues with a fully tightened FWCC and a sloppy FWCC.

The linen in this wrap got rid of the stretch factor – not saying this is a *stretchy* wrap, but that this wrap doesn’t really have any give. There was limited give, with maybe a tiny bit of diagonal stretch. It’s a pretty solid wrap, and I didn’t feel like it stretched out with use, but the passes felt like they hugged really well. I wouldn’t say this wrap was like an ace bandage, because of the lack of give, But since it’s on the thin side, I wouldn’t call it cumbersome.

I would say this wrap is more on the delicate side. It’s thin, silk, and has fringe. With this weave though, it’s not pull prone, so you don’t really have to worry about that. With the color, it doesn’t really seem to pick up dirt. I love the fringe though. Most wraps don’t come with fringe, so it really felt fancy. I feel like I should get fringe on all my wraps now.

This is not a hot wrap. Linen is really breathable. Silk is a light fabric and it adjusts to your body temperature — so I can see myself using this year round, not an issue. There’s very little texture to this wrap, the pattern is quite small — but very pretty. The passes glide, without getting stuck. Soapy, yes. Very easy to tie a knot. It’s super soft, and snuggly. I would use this wrap as a blanket or a shawl. This wrap is nicely broken in, so it was floppy.

This was such a fun wrap to test! I love tussah silk, and being able to play with it with other fibers was fun. I like checking out different fiber blends. Such a great opportunity to check out all these different wraps.

Wild Slings: website / Facebook

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