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why peonywild?

the story

i’ve been blogging for years. notebooks, journals, livejournal, xanga – to my own blog. it’s always been my thing to do.

peonywild is just a name i came up with. i have a huge love for flowers – specifically peonies and tulips. the term ‘wild’ is what i call my kiddos – “the wild ones”.

thanks so much for checking us out.

my story

i’m nikki! i’m the one behind the words here at peonywild. i live in the san francisco bay area with the love of my life + our three wild ones.

i own the knit/crochet shop, king knits – where i hand make bonnets and beanies + other fun accessories.

i babywear. it’s a huge part of my life. i literally wear every single day. i did it with all of my kids. it’s a survival tactic that i needed as a young mom + that i continue to use.

our story

a and i met through a mutual friend years ago. we didn’t get together after that. we stayed in touch and we stayed friends until we knew we couldn’t be without the other.

birdie is our 8 year old daughter. she is an amazing artist + loves to play the violin. you can always catch her creating. she draws, doodles everywhere, makes jewelry, paints. everything is her thing.

tot is our 5 year old son. he is our wild one, for sure. always on the go. the athlete. playing every sport he can get his hands on.

dumpling is our youngest. our 18 month old babe. she’s dramatic and, just so much fun. she loves to dance and act. she’s a ball of energy.

hi, i’m nikki!

lover of babywearing, coffee, + my wild ones. so glad you’re here! grab a cup of coffee + stay awhile. +


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